Hi there! Here you'll learn about all of my learning experiences at my internship, and my adventures in and around San Diego. Enjoy!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Goodbye Until Tomorrow

This post is a little delayed, considering I am already in L.A. taking a small vacation before I return to the East Coast, but I feel really proud and accomplished of what I was able to do in 8 weeks. I learned the basics of blogging and iMovie, I conducted market research projects, and I created a strong foundation for starting my senior project, which requires a lot more work than I anticipated. However, I had the incredible opportunity to live out here on the Barth Scholarship, so I am feeling a huge sense of Gratitude for all of the people at school, my friends, and my family for making all of this happen.
All of my friends out here have been asking me the next time I'm coming back, and I've been saying "As soon as possible" to everyone because the city has treated me so well! For this, I will write a thank-you letter/poem to San Diego.

Dear San Diego,
Thank you for your beaches, filled with soft and gritty sand.
Your oceans, whose waves push in and pull out as if they were breathing.
Thank you for your streets, lined with sidewalk caf├ęs, restaurants of every kind, and skyscrapers that light up the sky, clearing the marine layer of fog that rests above the skyline.
Your beachtowns and downtown - both of which I was able to experience in a short amount of time.
Thank you for bringing me into a community of people who, at first, speak a different language.
Energy. Yoga. Speaking Your Truth. Embodiment. Manifestation.
I slowly acquired this "language" and made it a part of my everyday vocabulary, and proved to myself that a different way of thinking will permeate different aspects of my life.

This different way of thinking is as follows: Using positive energy in your life and letting people support you will feed into this energy.

The universe is on your side.

As I end my final blog post, I look forward to probably starting another one another point in time, because my experience as a blogger has encouraged me to keep it up and join the ever-expanding blogger community.
Finally...I knew what my last line of my blog would be even before I flew out here, so I will end with this:

In the words of the fine news reporter Ron Burgundy - "Stay classy, San Diego."

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Final Countdown

Yes, it is the final countdown of my days left in San Diego. I have been at my new home in Banker's Hill for about a week and I've had some free time to explore Hillcrest, an adjacent neighborhood. This, along with Solana Beach is a community I could see myself living in some day - which is actually a great feeling, considering I've only been out here for less than 2 months!
Even though my time is dwindling at J4J, my work is not! I have still been busy creating content for the daily feature, which you can read here. Also, I developed a Social Media Operations Manual, which is a brief step-by-step guide on basically how I conducted the blog this summer, along with a longer , more casual essay-style guide where I disclose more or less everything that I learned about using blogs and social media effectively. Right now I am in LA staying with my girlfriend and visiting Alex, and I'll be here to stay after my last week in San Diego, which starts on Monday (eek!). When I finish, I'll be going to Vegas, doing touristy things in LA, and experiencing a small work-free summer, which will be nice - although, living/working in San Diego has basically been a working vacation (in the best way possible).
I've been getting excited for everything coming up this year, which includes singing and performing with the Clark Bars and taking on the responsibilities of Assistant Director, creating, planning, and marketing my senior project (date for now is April 13th 2013...wish me luck!), registering for 5th year courses, taking other courses that are 100% dedicated/focused to my interests/passions (hey, it's senior year) - Studio, Jazz History, either Entrepreneurship or DIY Media -, and finding a job because, of course, I must be able to live!