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Sunday, July 1, 2012

We Won't Stop Here

It is July 1st. This Wednesday will mark an exact month of San Diego living, and I must say - I have loved every second. From walking to work, learning so much about marketing, blogging, working in a non-profit, going to the beach, farmer's markets, musical and spiritual experiences, different kinds of food, and meeting tons of interesting and really cool people. I am currently sitting on my bed listening to Big Tree (you should check them out!), after having gone to yoga then hanging out with friends at a farmer's market. I have many things to look forward to this month, most of which I probably won't know I'm doing until it happens!
A recent salad of cucumber, red pepper,
kale, tomatoes, sun-dried tomato
vinaigrette, and a sprinkle of
black pepper.

What I do know is that I will be learning the basics of iMovie and Photoshop (mad skillz), possibly attending a conference on how organizations are using social media for social change, going to a couple concerts in San Diego and LA, starting Justice in Motion training, and seeing one of my best friends from Clark!

Nacho, my sister's roommate's cat -
because who doesn't like cats?
I pretty much said everything I've done in the past week in the last post so I don't have much to say right now. Although, I will say that I am way more used to the routine at work than I was before. We sat down and made a weekly schedule that divides different kinds of work into different days so we aren't focusing on everything at once. At a non-profit where there's usually not a huge staff, I've learned that it is really important to emphasize who does what tasks (because each employee/intern/volunteer has their own specialties), but in the end, everyone is contributing to every part of the process. You must be versatile/flexible, and able to multitask. Luckily enough, when things get stressful, we can just take a short walk outside and everything is easier to handle!

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