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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Night(s) At The Mosaic

One part of my job is to have as much exposure to J4J events and programming as possible. Therefore, I ended up going to events two nights in a row at the same place - the Mosaic Wine Bar. On Wednesday, I went around to a few places in the North Park area with flyers advertising our next JIM info session, and then that night was the first info session for Season 4. It was a great turnout, almost 15 people of all different commitment levels (a couple wives were dragging their husbands) showed up to learn more about what Justice In Motion entails. For you all reading this blog, I'll give a brief explanation. Every year, J4J holds a 16-week long half-marathon training program where participants (aka "advocates") set a goal to raise a certain amount of money by the time of the race. Every week, the team goes on two runs at different San Diego locations, and yoga, cross-training, and healthy living habits like nutrition are worked in. Every team so far has consisted of members that vary across the running spectrum from people that haven't really run before to people who run all the time. One time I was out here a couple years ago and I went on one of the training runs. I would be considered more of a "beginner," seeing as how I don't run competitively. Everyone is always encouraged to run with a partner and run at a talking pace, because when you talk with someone, it kind of makes you put the fact that you're running at the back of your head. I ran with Rahul (who later became a mentor) for about 3 miles (I had only run the high school mile) and it felt like such a great accomplishment. I was with really positive people in a supportive team, which felt more like a community.
The second event that I went to was a celebration of J4J's first "LIVE IT" campaign, in which people chose from five challenges: spoken word, rock climbing, yoga, dance, and sky-diving. Mostly everyone who participated in these challenges were going completely outside of their comfort zone, all in the name of fundraising. I got to hear some really great stories about how people overcame their fears (the stories weren't only about skydiving, either!).
Today, I started off with yoga (I'm really getting into it now), and tonight, I am attending a Kirtan in Del Mar, which I'm looking forward to, because it's another thing I've never done before! That's what this summer is about.
Post-Yoga brunch: scrambler with peppers and pre-roasted asparagus

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